Zombie Shooter VR

Kill zombies with wearable 3D ViewMaster style visuals



Date: 02.04.2018 Author: Jay

Zombie Shooter VR for iOS is a rarity in the over-populated zombie app world. Not only is it fun, but you're meant to actually wear your phone on your face like a ViewMaster and go zombie hunting in full 3D glory. This one still plays a bit like an unfinished beta, but it's certainly worth the ride.

Zombie Shooter VR is kinda amazing as an exercise in the possible future of mobile gaming. Google recently came out with an app called Goggle Cardboard. Basically, it was just an app showing you how to make a cardboard contraption that enabled you to wear your phone over your eyes and view 3D imagery off your phone, similar to your childhood ViewMaster. Basically, to make the magic happen, this zombie app displays two mirror images of the same game, side by side, on your screen. Then, once it's placed up to your face, you sorta go cross-eyed, and the 2 images meld into one, creating a 3D presentation of the zombie game at hand. Having that Google Cardboard contraption, or something similar, would certainly make things easier, however, this game is still cool enough to try, even without the contraption.

The game itself is a straightforward zombie shooter. Just stroll through subway tunnels and abandoned trains in search of the brain eaters, then blast the crap outta them. The controls use your gizmo's tilt and gyro function to look and search the scene, and they were hard to master. The graphics are decent but still a tad crude, as was the animation. The sounds were good and certainly added a spine-chilling element, since the phone is so close to your ears.

Zombie Shooter VR is an exercise in mechanics, more so than a functioning game. However, it's also cool and worth checking out.