Zombie Shooter: Dead Frontier

Mow down zombies with bullets and spill copious blood



Date: 15.04.2018 Author: Jay

Zombie Shooter - Infection for iOS comes off like a retro arcade shooter, possessing some decent fun but not a whole lot of dynamics. Mow down throngs of zombies with machine gun fire and send body parts flying with sprays of blood and gore. This one is sure to entertain zombie fans to no end.

Zombie Shooter - Infection presents in landscape mode to deliver a very retro looking game, as seen from an aerial point of view, looking down on the action below. As the story apparently goes, you are one of the last survivors after another, sigh, zombie apocalypse. The story offers virtually nothing new or novel to sink your teeth into, however, the mechanics of play do offer a little intrigue. Your mission, naturally, is to blow the crap outta all them zombies and reduce them to mounds of blood and scattered limbs. The blood is o'plenty here, with enough gore and gruesome factor to make anyone turn that gun on themselves and just give up already. The action is decent, nonstop, and features a host of varying locales to play; however, it's all a tad cookie cutter and bland.

The controls use a d-pad on the left for movement and a fire button on the right. It's tricky to use them both in tandem and get your aim to go where you want it, making it easy for throngs of zombies to overtake you; all thanks to shoddy mechanics. The graphics and animation go for retro and come off pixelated and old school, with some decent visuals and laggy renders. The sounds don't offer much one way or another, but they weren't annoying, so that's something.

Zombie Shooter - Infection will be a hit with zombie fans who can't get enough of the genre, however, the rest of us will be left wanting