X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator

A fully developed flight simulator that's challenging and fun



Date: 22.04.2018 Author: Jay

X-Plane 10 Mobile Flight Simulator for iOS is an immersive game of fly the plane or die trying. The play is straightforward and highly challenging. This one is suitable for gamers of all ages, but will certainly require lots of practice to master.

X-Plane 10 Mobile Flight Simulator presents in landscape mode to deliver a highly evolved flight simulator game. Your mission, obviously, is to fly virtual planes with graphics and mechanics that go for realism. The app features several camera angles you can use to see your plane from every possible vantage point: behind your plane, off to one side, out front looking back at at your craft, and naturally, from inside the cockpit, looking out the front window as you take flight. All the various angles were very satisfying and added some nice dynamics to the visuals. The play itself involves taking off and flying with accuracy. To do that, just hit the throttle and pull back on your gizmo to ascend and climb into the stratosphere. It's all very intricate and complex, which is sure to satisfy avionics fans to no end.

The controls are highly evolved and tricky to get the hang of. However, the payoff is highly effective and responsive, with loads of virtual accuracy. No, this is nothing like flying a real plane, but it's the closest most of us will get, and the illusion was highly satisfying. The graphics are detailed but still possess a heavy-handed CGI look and feel. The animation is top notch, but comes off a little like an unfinished render that still needs more time in the incubator. The sounds go for realism and were effectively entertaining.

X-Plane 10 Mobile Flight Simulator is fun for flight fans of all ages. This one is sure to entertain and challenge.