What's the Difference? Spot It

A bare bones spot the difference game for kids



Date: 06.04.2018 Author: Jay

What’s the Difference? for iOS is a simple and straightforward game of compare two pictures and find what's different about them. The play is hardly inspired or all that intriguing. However, it's great for kids, and just might keep them out of trouble for a few minutes.

What’s the Difference? presents in landscape mode to deliver a very static and old school gaming environment. The quality of the presentation is very dry, and dates back to iOS 4 or 5, at best. As the story goes, there are two seemingly identical pictures onscreen, each possessing minor differences. Your mission, is to find those minor differences and win the round. The pictures are very simple and it's very easy to find all the missing components. This is not a hidden objects game, nor an app that's brimming with intrigue. There's an alternate mode of play that features roughly a dozen, near identical, thumbnails, and you gotta find the one that doesn't belong. I enjoyed the second mode of play far more than the first, though it was dry and boring too.

The controls use screen taps to make the game go, and all functioned well. The graphics are just still images, so nothing special. The animation uses a jaw dropping circle effect that will leave you in awe as it encircles the differences you've found. The sounds score the symphony of boredom going off in your head.

What’s the Difference? is a great time killer for kids, plain and simple.