Easily transfer large files over the internet



Date: 17.04.2018 Author: Jay

WeTransfer for iOS is a simple and straightforward companion app for the longstanding popular website bearing the same name. Transfer copious amounts of data to yourself, friends, or colleagues; all for free and with just a few simple clicks.

WeTransfer is a longstanding website centered on sharing large files over the internet, and this is that website's companion app. It functions identically to the website, though is perhaps more convenient to use, thanks to the ultra streamlined interface. At one time or another, most of us have been in the position of needing to transfer a rather large file from our computer to a friend or colleague, however, most email accounts have a 10-25mb limit on file attachments. So that's where WeTransfer comes in. This app allows you to transfer up to 2gb of data to any email address - for free. The website offers a paid service, allowing you to transfer up to 10gb at a time, for an annual fee.

The app itself functions quite nicely, thanks to the ultra minimalist interface. It's all centered around the uploads, with little to no frills to speak of. Just touch to select the files on your gizmo, then enter an email address for your destination, and hit send. Your files will upload with a status bar letting you know how many megabits are being transferred in total and a running tally of the percentage completed. Uploads can be paused if need be. Generally, transfers are quite fast but dependent on the speed of your network and data plan. Received files are free to download; just click on the link in your email to download.

WeTransfer is pretty awesome. It works well, is predominantly free, and has no ads. This one is good to have at the ready, just in case.