Werewolf Tycoon

A hungry werewolf is binge-eating humans in the park



Date: 15.04.2018 Author: Jay

Werewolf Tycoon for iOS is a simple and sadistic game of eat the humans. Help the hungry werewolf chow down on as many people as possible before the military comes in and hunts you down. This one is fun for a little while, but gets a tad monotonous fairly quickly.

Werewolf Tycoon presents in landscape mode to deliver a highly captivating game of eat the humans. As the story goes, you're a hungry werewolf. Then moon is out, and it's a nice night for dinner in the park. What's on the menu? Innocently strolling humans, of course. You hide behind the bushes, wait for a crowd of tasty treats to form, and then - BAM - you jump out into the open and munch as many people as you can before they scurry off. The only problem is, there are survivors, and word begins to leak that there's a werewolf in the park. The next night, there are photographers trying to get pics of you. But no matter, cuz you just munch them down too. But now your picture is all over the newspaper and the militia show up, wanting to capture you, dead or alive. How many humans can you eat before your own untimely death? Try to best your last score in this unusually ravenous replay game with teeth.

The controls worked well, employing a single screen tap to devour your human of choice. The graphics and animation are decent but lack refinement. Renders were slow and choppy and the details were a little muddled. The sounds were ok and effectively put me on edge, with my stomach in my throat.

Werewolf Tycoon is a decent game with a solid retro look and feel. However, it has limited replay value and gets boring fairly quickly.