War of Nations™ - PVP Strategy

Build a military compound and attack neighboring enemies



Date: 22.04.2018 Author: Jay

War of Nations for iOS aims to be an immersive military combat game. Build your compound in preparation for inevitable attack, and launch strikes against neighboring enemies. The play is static and predictable, but remains suitable for younger gamers.

War of Nations presents in landscape mode to deliver a dry and dull game we've all seen countless times before. This one is wholly competent, just not all that interesting or inspired. As per usual for games like this, your mission is to build your military compound, train soldiers, fortify defenses and get everything ready for inevitable invasion. Once you've got the stage set to your liking, jump on over to the interactive map and pick a neighboring enemy to invade. From there, watch hugely static and deathly boring combat sequences where virtually nothing interesting happens. Then it's back to your compound to evolve more structures, and dip into your wallet in an effort to pay for some fun that's nowhere to be found. It's all so dry and predictable that I'd rather watch weeds grow.

The controls employ screen taps to bring on the thunderous boredom, and all functioned well enough. The graphics are decent but the game gives them nowhere to go. The animation is crap, rendering terribly shoddy battles and excruciatingly boring mechanics. The sounds, well, when a game is this bad, it's all just noise.

War of Nations has some decent elements, but is clearly as bored with itself as I was playing it. Kids who don't know better might like this, but the rest of us will be left wanting.