Wally Lite

Comprehensive financial planner with a modern interface



Date: 23.04.2018 Author: Jay

Wally for iOS offers a comprehensive set of features aimed at making sense of your dollars and cents. The interface is pleasing to the eye, but also possesses a steep learning curve to comprehend all that it has to offer. This one is good, but borders on needlessly cumbersome.

Wally presents in portrait mode to deliver a thoroughly developed interface that's quite pleasing to the eye, but borders on needless overkill. The app is centered around tracking virtually every dollar you spend, to the most minute degree. The interface is intuitive and expertly laid out to nestle exhaustive details into every dollar and dime you spend or keep. Categorize your entries in a variety of ways and assign nice looking icons to add some visual appeal. You can even tag your expenses to specific places via the included GPS maps. Add personal notes, take pictures, and add so much info that you'll drive yourself crazy with minutiae. If you're spending this much time and energy on your finances, I suggest you get a life worth living. I'd be surprised if you even had the time to spend another dime, if you go headlong into this app to use it as intended.

The presentation has a high degree of polish, but at the end of the day, it's much ado about nothing. This app won't help you do your taxes, so it's a lot of wasted time and energy for no real purpose. Nor, do I think it would help me get a handle on my finances. I don't need to know where I bought my last candy bar, complete with photos and GPS mapping. All I need to know, is I have $50 bucks to spend this week on frivolous stuff like, muffins, coffee, and magazines; anymore detail than that, and it just turns into obsessive compulsive behavior, plain and simple.

Wally is en exhaustively developed app, but at the end of the day, the kitchen sink mentality just shoots itself in the foot.