Virtual Table Tennis

No frills ping pong against online players



Date: 22.04.2018 Author: Jay

Virtual Table Tennis for iOS is a decent game of multi-player ping pong against live, online opponents. The graphics are decent, but the play is static and heavy-handed. This one might intrigue younger gamers who don't know any better.

Virtual Table Tennis presents in landscape mode to deliver a shoddy game of ping pong at best. Right off the top, the game did not want to open on my iPhone 6+, and just crashed repeatedly. So I loaded the game onto my iPad mini and was off and running. Well, sort of. The app is very static in its presentation and play. The physics are actually quite good, with good bounce on the ball, and some nuanced paddle work possible. It's just a straightforward game; first you serve, then your opponent. The game presents from your point of view, just behind your side of the table, with your paddle floating in mid air. There's alternate paddles to earn and try, and frankly, there's one that just flat out ruins the play with blatant cheating; because you can hit anything, in or out of bounds, even after the ball hits the ground.

The controls were actually effective, with some good nuance between hard and soft shots. It's possible to have some decent accuracy with your hits and actually send the ball to either corner of the table, or just tap lightly and have it just barely make it over the net. The graphics go for pseudo-realism and looked pretty good. The animation was a tad crude. And the sounds were basic ping pong ball bouncy sorta stuff.

Virtual Table Tennis is decent fun, if skill, fairness, and accuracy in play aren't all that important to you.