Unified Remote

Turn your phone into a computer remote control



Date: 18.04.2018 Author: Jay

Unified Remote for iOS is a super cool app that nerds like me can't help but love. Turn your cell phone into a universal remote that controls your computer. The app still needs some work in the style department, but the functionality is solid.

Unified Remote, to put it simply, is outstanding. Sure, it still needs some refinement in look and presentation. However, that's just paltry nitpicking compared to what this app has to offer. This is an HTPC enthusiast's dream app. Basically, all you need to do is install this app on your phone, then install a companion app on the computer you'd like to control, and then you can operate all computer functions right off your phone. You can browse files, control videos, and use your iPhone's screen like a mouse to take control of your computer's pointer. You can click on virtually anything on your computer, just like a handheld mouse or laptop's touchpad. It's quite amazing to say the least.

The setup process is actually quite painless. Just go to the developer's website to download your free companion app for Mac or PC, then follow the simple onscreen instructions. I tired it on a Windows 8 machine and was up and running within a couple minutes, with no hiccups. From there, you just use your cell phone as a high powered mouse to control your computer. The app was fast, as was the response time on the laptop I was controlling. The app's interface itself is good, but lacks sophistication and pleasantries, however, that's easily remedied.

Unified Remote is a dream for those of us accustomed to HTPC setups with shoddy AirMouse remotes. This is an app I will use daily, for sure.