Ultimate Robot Fighting

Robots beat the crap outta each other with cool graphics



Date: 20.04.2018 Author: Jay

Ultimate Robot Fighting for iOS is a fun game of rock 'em sock 'em robots, out to beat the ever living crap outta each other. This one has no real plot, other than to vent frustration and watch cool visuals. In short, it's fun.

Ultimate Robot Fighting is out to quench the age old desire to beat the crap outta something every once in a while. Got pent up frustration? Mad at someone particular but not fond of doing jail time? Pissed off at a boss or spouse? Well, this game is here to rescue you. The app presents in landscape mode to deliver a futuristic locale, starring two humanoid robots in circuitboard-to-circuitboard combat. Your mission, is to pummel your opponent with an array of colorfully deadly attacks aimed at rebooting their stupid ass and sending it back to DOS. The play is action-packed, utterly pointless and loads of fun.

The controls employ several swipes, pokes and slides to bring on the thunder, and worked quite effectively. This is the type of game where you just might poke a hole through your screen trying to pummel your virtual opponent. The graphics are detailed, intriguing, and effectively deliver a quality, futuristic environment. The animation has some amazing flash and pop that's hugely satisfying. The sounds are a little dark and foreboding, adding some appropriate vengeance and testosterone to the play.

Ultimate Robot Fighting is just good fun. Yes, it's sorta violent, but in a benign way, so I feel it remains kid-friendly. This one is just cool, plain and simple.