Twisty Hollow

Use puzzle mechanics to cook simple meals for hungry customers



Date: 24.04.2018 Author: Jay

Twisty Hollow for iOS is an unusual game of short order cook. Cook simple meals with puzzle style mechanics and serve up delicious food to hungry customers. The play is intriguing, though perhaps a tad monotonous.

Twisty Hollow presents a restaurant in the round, with a circular spinning wheel, featuring multiple moving rings. Customers sit on the outer edge of the circular table, while the inner rings hold meal ingredients, cooking utensils, and goofy looking chefs. Your mission, is to spin and rotate the different ingredients and utensils, along with the appropriate chefs, to concoct each meal. Once your wheels are lined up properly, just tap the customer to deliver his meal. Each customer has a little speech bubble overhead, denoting which meal they want, and you gotta move with speed and accuracy to serve up the goods and keep customers satisfied. Complete all the meals to win the round and advance to the next level.

The play can be a tad monotonous and repetitive, but is decent fun too. Puzzle fans may well enjoy the mechanics of play, which relies heavily on visual riddles that are effectively entertaining and satisfying to figure out. The controls employ screen taps and slides, and functioned well. The graphics and animation are a little stilted and one-dimensional, however, they are also entertaining too. The sounds were minimal, offering basic punctuation.

Twisty Hollow is decent fun but I question how interesting it will remain over the long haul. This one is worth a look, and I give it a nod for originality.