Truck Simulator 3D

Drive a big rig like the big boys



Date: 11.04.2018 Author: Jay

Truck Simulator 3D for iOS is here to help little boys get a feel for what it might be like to drive a big rig through a sleepy little town and out onto the open highway. The play is decent but the app needs work throughout.

Truck Simulator 3D is basically exactly as it sounds. You're the driver of a big rig, and your mission, is to shift gears, put the pedal to the metal, and obey the rules of the road; though you'll have way more fun if you toss the rules out the window and accumulate a few traffic violations. The app presents in landscape mode and does a nice job of creating pseudo realism in play and visuals. No, this is nothing like driving a real big rig; but it's perfect for make believe fun. This one is suitable for big rig fans of all ages.

The controls have a stiff learning curve, but the game starts you out in everyone's first learner's locale - the parking lot. From there, it's through the city and out into the open road. The graphics go for realism, with some nice details, but rest solidly upon canned CGI that still needs more time in the incubator. The animation is equally nuanced and spotty, with decent renders that still need work. The sounds are excellent, with all the subtleties and effects one might expect from a real big rig.

Truck Simulator 3D is decent fun for what it is, but the play is seriously lacking a point or direction. As it is, I had more fun driving on the opposite side of the road and intentionally running into things. Still, it's good fun for a little while at least.