Trivia Crack

An energetic trivia game against online players



Date: 19.04.2018 Author: Jay

Trivia Crack for iOS is a cool and fun trivia game against online friends and random strangers. Choose categories, answer questions, and try to beat your opponent. This one is good, clean fun, and sure to challenge and entertain trivia buffs.

Trivia Crack presents in portrait mode to deliver a high impact gaming environment with colorful graphics and interesting questions to answer. To start, you gotta chose which icon you want to depict your online persona. From there, just select whether you'd like to play against invited friends, or simply start a game with a random stranger, then let the fun begin. The play is turn-by-turn style, and you can play at your own pace. So just start as many games as you want to satisfy your penchant for trivia, take a turn, then wait for your opponent to play. Or just set your gizmo aside and wait to be notified that it's your turn again. Each round starts you off at the big wheel, where you spin to see which category your question will come form. Questions are multiple choice and all you gotta do is touch the right answer. The app features a cool statistics page that tells you how many questions you've gotten right or wrong, which category they came from, and what your percentage is, as compared to an average of all your opponents.

The controls use screen taps to make the magic happen, and were effective. The graphics and animation are mostly static but pleasing to the eye, and do possess some movement that's entertaining and cool to look at. The sounds are playful and definitely added some cheery sweetness to the game.

Trivia Crack is quite fun. It's not too hard, nor too easy; striking the right balance between being challenging and entertaining.