Total Domination - Reborn

Futuristic combat that's light on action and heavy on glitches



Date: 10.04.2018 Author: Jay

Total Domination - Reborn for iOS aims to be a futuristic sim game centered around building up your base camp, then launching attacks against neighboring enemies. The game shows promise, but is quickly lost in the quagmire of annoying glitches and a heavy handed presentation.

Total Domination - Reborn shows a lot of promise, and delivers on virtually none of it. As the story goes, you are charged with developing your own, futuristic, military base camp. Place structures, recruit soldiers, mine for resources, research new technology, and engage in battles with literally nonexistent action and dynamics. For the most part, it sounds great on paper, but sadly, that's exactly where the intrigue remains. The app is crippled by silly glitches that just drive the game into the ground. The problems started right within the tutorial. I had to buy a certain number of troops to make the game advance, only, a glitch prevented me from being able to complete that action. Only after repeated massaging, was I able to get the game unstuck, and believe me, it was not worth the effort. Once I got things moving again, I deployed my troops with the hopes of a big payoff action sequence. Not! All I got was static text in return, telling me the outcome. Talk about a huge letdown.

The controls are shoddy, to be sure. The graphics are actually quite detailed and intriguing, it's just a shame they belong to such a shoddy game. The animation is minimal and adds little to no intrigue to the play. The sounds are ok, but who cares about that when the rest of the game sucks this bad?

Total Domination - Reborn presents a gaming environment we've all seen countless times before, and done far better. This one is just a hot mess.