Total Conquest - Online combat and strategy

Fight like a Roman gladiator



Date: 11.04.2018 Author: Jay

Total Conquest for iOS aims to deliver a playfully accurate depiction of life in the days of the Romans. Attack neighboring factions and dominate the world, or at the very least, this virtual world of sorts. The play is solidly predictable but fun and nicely presented.

Total Conquest is a tried and true game of build this, evolve that, crack open your wallet to pay for play, or learn the patience of a zen master and try to play for free. This one is very much like all the others out there that look and feel exactly the same, however, it has some unique, playful elements to it that set it apart and make it entertaining. The app presents in landscape mode to depict the old Roman empire, in all its cartoonish glory. Build up your village, train troops, then take a look at the interactive map to see who's waiting to be raped and pillaged. Go ahead, you know you want to, and they prolly have it coming.

The controls employ basic screen taps to make selections, deploy troops, and bring on the thunder; and they functioned well, with no issues. The graphics have lots of nice detail and a superior zoom function that not only brings you in tight on the action, but changes the viewing angle from extreme aerial, to tight action shots. The animation is crisp and clean, with only the occasional stutter. The sounds are fitting without being annoying.

Total Conquest is just good clean fun, if your idea of fun is mayhem and destruction that doles out the action as fast as you dole the cash.