Top Gear: Extreme Car Parking

Drive and park cars in an obstacle course setting



Date: 14.04.2018 Author: Jay

Top Gear: Extreme Parking for iOS is a nicely presented game about driving and parking an array of cars within an obstacle course sorta setting. Make hairpin turns, take some daredevil jumps, and bash through barricades, just for the fun of it. Accuracy is key, but not at the expense of just having a good time.

Top Gear: Extreme Parking presents in landscape mode to deliver a nicely developed driving course on a virtual ...race track? I'm not sure where this game takes place exactly, but it seems to be a virtual driver's education sorta locale. There's no other traffic, just you, being put through the paces. Drive through glowing checkpoints, make hairpin turns, slalom through stuff, jump off ramps, and bash through trailers. This one has a little bit of everything, which is probably a good thing, since parking cars can only be so riveting. I enjoyed the speed and physics behind the mechanics, which added just enough intrigue to take this out of virtual valet territory to make an actual game out of things. This one is a bit like a demolition derby, and I hope to never have anyone park my car with this much reckless abandon.

The controls have an accelerator, brake, and a forward and reverse stick on the right. There's also directional arrows on the left in place of a more traditional virtual steering wheel. All functioned well and were responsive. The graphics are fairly good, but still have that canned CGI sorta look to them, lacking in detail and subtlety. The animation was equally acceptable, yet lacking in any real refinement. The sounds were in-your-face sorta stuff and the music got annoying fast.

Top Gear: Extreme Parking is good fun game with lots of different levels to work through.