A puzzle game with numbers that adds up to fun



Date: 25.04.2018 Author: Jay

Threes! for iOS is a simple yet maddening puzzle game of numbers. Add numerical tiles to make multiples of 3, and go as high as you can before smoke shoots out your ears. This one is sure to fascinate and frustrate puzzle fans of all ages.

Threes! presents in portrait mode to deliver a very bare bones game board, comprised of a grid and a few numbered tiles. Your mission, is to slide and swipe the tiles onscreen and get them to add up to multiples of 3, going higher and higher in value to reach the largest possible number that you can. But to be clear, you won't get past double digits, at best. The more you slide things around, the more the grid fills up with new tiles, so you see the conundrum. The rules of the game are a little tricky to get used to, but once you play a few rounds you'll get the hang of it; just follow the onscreen instructions. Basically, you slide tiles vertically and horizontally to make them run into the sides of the game board. Line up your numbers right, and they smoosh together to create their combined numerical value. You have to match like numbers together to get them to merge, and 1s and 2s are joined with each other to make 3s.

The controls employ screen swipes and slides to move the numbered tiles, and functioned well. The graphics are very rudimentary and perhaps lacking in intrigue. The animation and sounds were minimal.

Threes! is a thinker's game and suitable for anyone who can count in multiples of 3. This one will frustrate and fascinate at the same time.