TheTake - Movie & TV Fashion

Find where to buy products seen in your favorite movie



Date: 19.04.2018 Author: Jay

TheTake - Fashion in Movies for iOS is a simple yet functional app centered around finding and buying cool products, as seen in your favorite movies. If shallow mimicry is your jam, then this app can help.

TheTake is actually pretty cool. The app features a stylish interface, centered around finding products and services featured in big budget Hollywood movies. Ever seen a film and wondered, where did they get that hat? Those shoes? That car? That house? Well, so have I, and lots of other people think that way too. Hence why companies pay big bucks to have actors wear their clothes, hold a can of their soda, or drive a specific flashy car. The app presents in portrait mode to reveal a visually based interface, centered around thumbnails and minimal text. The whole point here is to easily identify movies, actors, products and services, and find out where to buy them.

The app functions quite well, but I did experience hangs and buffering issues throughout. To make the magic happen, just scroll through the available entries, sorted in a variety of ways. You can browse current trending products and movies, or initiate a search of your own based on actor, movie or specific product. The returned results feature imagery from the movie, showing the actor who wore or used the item in question. From there. just click the link to show a list of stores selling that product, with prices and checkout options.

TheTake could actually be quite useful. I doubt I would refer to this often, but I think it could be a handy thing to have at the ready.