The World II

Fight mythic beasts with outstanding action and fantasy combat



Date: 19.04.2018 Author: Jay

The World II Hunting BOSS for iOS is a super cool fantasy combat game with high octane action and spectacularly entertaining visuals. This one is loads of fun and just might make you crap your pants with glee. Perk those ears up, die hard gamers, this one is suitable for fans of all ages.

The World II Hunting BOSS presents in landscape mode to deliver a high impact visuals and full throttle action, right from the word go. As the story goes, you are a mythic warrior, and the only enemies worthy of your prowess are mythic beats. Fight 40 foot flaming lava daemons and super powered, fire breathing Tyrannosaurus Rex; just to name a few. The adrenaline is turned up to 100 on this one, and it's loads of fun. Just choose your hero from an array of worthy fighters, then go at it, toe to toe, one on one, and see if you got what it takes to survive.

The controls are highly sophisticated, with lots of nuance and accuracy, which naturally just adds to the excitement of play. The graphics are highly detailed with lots of flash and pop to keep things exciting and looking great. The animation is excellent, with lots of movement and action to draw you in, and only the occasional lag or stutter. The sounds are of the bowel moving variety, and truly added to the enjoyment of play.

The World II Hunting BOSS is fantastic all the way around and will certainly hold interest until the very end, and leave you begging for more.