The Witcher Adventure Game

Promising fantasy card RPG with some hangups



Date: 29.04.2018 Author: Jay

The Witcher Adventure Game for iOS aims to be an immersive fantasy RPG board game. However, it's a bit of a hot mess. This one has lots of unrealized potential. As it is, it's a tad heavy-handed and unjustifiably costly, given the hangups.

The Witcher Adventure Game presents in landscape mode to deliver a bit of a mixed bag. As the story goes, there's a fantasy card sorta game board, populated with lots of intriguing visuals and loads of promise. Your mission, is to recruit a team of warriors and engage in turn-by-turn style play as you explore this mythic environment via written text and modest movement, to collect cards and launch attacks. The game board itself is highly dynamic, with lots of detail and some decent visual triggers. However, the presentation as a whole is highly cramped and heavy-handed, making it difficult to decipher one thing form the next, and only succeeding in sensory overload.

The controls evoke screen taps to trigger actions, select cards, and engage in deathly dry battles that do little to nothing to entertain or captivate. The controls were shoddy and screen taps didn't always register the first time. The graphics are borderline outstanding, with lots of cool stuff to look at, and wonderful details that inspire imagination. I really loved the interactive map, which held my interest more than the sluggishly boring mechanics of play. The animation is highly intriguing, but deathly dry and dull at the same time. There's some decent flash and pop on the game board itself, while the presented cards rely heavily on bland text to deliver the action. The sounds were good, but couldn't salvage this game.

The Witcher Adventure Game is sure to entice fantasy RPG fans. However, I think it's a solid waste of time and money.