The Sleeping Prince: Royal Edition

Fling a sleeping prince like a rag doll



Date: 08.04.2018 Author: Jay

The Sleeping Prince: Royal Edition for iOS is a funny and irreverent game of fling the sleeping prince like a rag doll and watch him flop comically all over your screen. This one is entertaining and good for a chuckle.

The Sleeping Prince: Royal Edition has a lot going for it in the comedy department, and the game play ain't half bad either. As the story goes, there's a sleepy little prince who just can't seem to get his lazy royal ass outta bed. Your mission, is to take out all your frustrations on the monarchy against this one, lowly little snoozer. To do that, you're gonna fling, drag, toss, and slam his limp and tired body around the castle, out the pearly gates and through the kingdom. Either this prince is piss-ass drunk, or he has the worst case of narcolepsy I've ever seen. Either way, it's fun beating the crap outta him.

The controls employ slides and swipes to make the magic happen; they worked well and were thoroughly satisfying. The graphics are fully realized, with lots of nuance and detail. However, the presentation keeps you at arm's length from all the action, which made me feel like I was missing out on enjoying all the nice details and hard work that went into this. The animation is outstandingly fun; I really enjoyed the quality physics portrayed in this listlessly flopping pure blood. The sounds had a magical, Disney-like quality to them that juxtaposed the violence nicely.

The Sleeping Prince: Royal Edition is just good clean fun for all ages. So, take that; you stinking royal!