The Battle Cats

Head-to-head combat with cats.... yup, cats



Date: 03.04.2018 Author: Jay

The Battle Cats for iOS is a weird little game, pitting feline against feline, in this rather static and dull cat fight. It's your tower against the enemy tower, and the last one still purring, wins. This one is fun for about 1 or 2 lives out of nine, before it gets to be utterly boring.

The Battle Cats is weird. I like weird, but I wasn't all too enamored by this game. The app presents in landscape mode to deliver a very crude gaming presentation, featuring what looks like pencil drawings of weird looking cats. The landscape features minimal lateral movement with mechanics of the "why bother" variety. Basically, there's two medieval sorta towers, one on the left, the other on the right. Right off the top, they should have dispensed with the minimal lateral movement to just display both towers onscreen at the same time. If the lateral movement is almost nonexistent anyway, then why not just dump it entirely? It's good cats vs. bad cats, and your mission, is to defend your tower at all costs. Tap the screen to deploy furry 4 legged ground troops who go at it with the enemy in head-to-head cat fights. The action is fairly static with little to no intrigue. Just kill all the enemy cats to overthrow their tower and win. But really, when it comes to games like this, there are no winners.

The controls use screen taps to bring on the monotony, and functioned quite well at delivering tedium. The graphics and animation are mildly entertaining at best, offering very little to get excited about. The sounds were annoying; imagine that!?!

The Battle Cats did nothing to make me a cat lover, nor do I think that cat lovers would appreciate this game.