Tales from the Borderlands

An interactive graphic novel sorta game



Date: 14.04.2018 Author: Jay

Tales from the Borderlands for iOS is a fully realized, interactive story with some interesting elements. It's a tad light on the play but wholly engrossing and fun to watch. This one is sure to be big with the ComiCon crowd.

Tales from the Borderlands presents in landscape mode to deliver a fully developed story that plays out like a big budget Hollywood movie for your phone. Except, it's a little too short to be a movie and not quite interactive enough to be a game. As the story goes, it is a mythic future when colonization and resource-mining of other planets is in full swing, along with interstellar double crosses where downright dirty scoundrels of the alien variety abide. But fret not, because the biggest bad asses of them all, are still us humans.

The play of this game comes in with textual choices you make, which drive the plot forward. You will be presented with a series of mulitple choice questions, and the answers you select move the plot in different directions... sort of. In truth, games like this just circle the same eddy, and the choices you make, no matter what they are, all lead to the same destination. So you're not so much changing the game as you go, but deciding which smarmy comeback line characters deliver, and then resuming the scripted game in progress. The game also features an array of mini games, so to speak, that probably do have a larger impact on the game, but not by much. The mini game sorta stuff is a tad too sparse and not all that impactful.

The controls employ screen taps to make the magic happen and they functioned well. The graphics and animation fall solidly in movie quality territory, with attempts at irreverence that often fall flat. The cinematography looks like a Guy Ritchie movie, and although I'm not big on that twerp's movies, I didn't mind the stylistic choices made in this game.

Tales from the Borderlands is a new breed of mobile gaming, that to me, is really more of an interactive novella than an actual game. This one is cool as scripted entertainment, but not so much a game.