Table Tennis Touch

Cool 3D ping pong with great mechanics



Date: 29.04.2018 Author: Jay

Table Tennis Touch for iOS is a straight up game of table tennis, with cool 3D graphics, great physics, and engaging play. Best of all, it'll soon support multiplayer mode against live opponents. This one is fun and presents very well.

Table Tennis Touch presents in landscape mode to deliver a fully developed, 3D ping pong tournament environment. The app features several modes of play, including, career mode, arcade mode, and quick games. Arcade mode is a good place to start if you want to practice the basics via an array of mini games meant to hone your skills. Quick play is the best mode if you just want to dive in and go head-to-head against computer opponents. The action is fast-paced with excellent 3D views; as seen from your side of the table, just behind your paddle's point of view. Skill and precision are all possible here, with nuanced play where accuracy counts.

The controls use screen swipes and slides to move your paddle around and hit that dang ball. All functioned well, though I did find it difficult to hit the ball with any variance in force. The graphics are fully realized here, presenting beautiful 3D views with excellent detail and accuracy. The animation is smooth for the most part, but did occasionally lag. This game is not suitable for older gizmos, which will certainly struggle to keep up. The sounds go for realism and are very, very effective.

Table Tennis Touch is a pleasure to look at and play, and the top notch physics assure a high replay value. This one will certainly entertain.