Survivors: the Quest

If you liked the TV show Lost, you just might love this game



Date: 02.04.2018 Author: Jay

Survivors: The Quest for iOS is a strange little game. Survive a plane crash to make a new life on a deserted island, inhabited by a mysterious ghost. This one clearly borrows heavily from the TV show lost, but that might be where the innovation stops.

Survivors: The Quest presents in landscape mode to deliver a tried and true sim sorta gaming environment. As the story goes, you are perhaps the only survivor of a crashed jetliner, and your mission is to try and build a new life on this deserted isle. Forage for food, rummage through the wreckage, and host a meet and greet with the island's resident friendly ghost. I'm assuming he's friendly, because he appears several times and clearly meant no harm. The scariest thing about this game is the ridiculous plot points, like, playing with a tablet when there's no electricity, and pitching camp in a preexisting shelter that's just sitting there; waiting for you.

The dialog is as stilted and wooden as the monotonous play. Basically, you just complete benign tasks and play like you're on vacation in Club Med. There's no sense of urgency or even the slightest concern over being stranded on a potentially haunted island. I assume there's a plot worth working through here, to which, all your questions will be answered. Save one: is this stilted retread game actually worth your time?

The graphics and animation feel very cookie cutter, with little nuance, intrigue or originality to speak of. The controls employ screen taps to execute simple actions like walk here, sit there, and riveting stuff like that. The sounds are benign and added little to the play.

Survivors: The Quest shows a lot of promise, but sadly, the best part of this game is the super cool opening sequence, after which, any potential for fun goes down with this plane in a blaze of glory.