Super Battle Racers

Chaotic foot races against online opponents



Date: 04.04.2018 Author: Jay

Super Battle Racers for iOS brings fantasy combat against online players to irreverent foot races. Run, jump, and attack your opponents while sprinting to see who finishes first. The play is fun and angst-ridden, with loads of entertainment value.

Super Battle Racers presents in landscape mode to deliver a no-holds-barred footrace against online opponents. The premise here is straight to the point: finish first, and at all costs. The race is a side-scrolling environment through obstacles and platforms of different levels, with cool power-ups and weaponry, aimed at tripping up your competition. Hurl rockets, slowdown sludge, ride magical wolves, and all sorts of goofy stuff that assures this is anyone's race to win; no matter who's in the lead. The play is fast-paced, action-packed, and all over the place. This one has a lot of entertainment and frustration value that encourages repeat play.

The controls employ screen taps to jump and hurl objects, and they functioned well. The graphics are entertaining and comical, with some cool visuals that keep things interesting. The animation is mostly smooth, but does show some rough edges, here and there. The sounds actually injected some energy into the play, and were effective and enjoyable.

Super Battle Racers will frustrate as much as it entertains, but it's also just a plan ol' good time too. Enjoy!