Stickman Basketball

Head-to-head basketball with stickmen



Date: 23.04.2018 Author: Jay

Stickman Basketball for iOS is a fully developed game of basketball, pitting stickmen against stickmen in authentic play. A lot of work went into presenting this simple and rudimentary-looking game, that's really anything but. This one is sure to entertain basketball fans to no end.

Stickman Basketball conjures a burning question in my mind: if a game about basketball features only black stickmen, is it playing into racial stick-stereotypes? Why not blue, or green, or any other color in the crayon box? But I digress. The app presents in landscape mode to deliver a fully developed game of basketball, that's evolved far beyond the childlike visuals. As developed as this game is, it remains thoroughly playable by virtually anyone, even if it does possess a bit of a learning curve. Just pick your team, then pick an opponent, jump for control of the ball, and you're off and running. Short of seeing stickmen suck wind on the sidelines after a few trots down the court, this one has all the realism one could want out of a virtual game of basketball. There's a lot to be played here, most of which needs to be unlocked with your wallet or patience, pitting you against an exhaustive list of opposing computer teams.

The controls are highly evolved, using a virtual joystick on the lower left, with pass and shoot buttons on the right; all functioned well. The graphics and animation look good and rendered well. And the sounds go for realism and added a lot of enjoyment to the play.

Stickman Basketball is lots of fun and suitable for gamers of all ages and skill levels.