Satisfy your favorite caffeine fix in app form



Date: 22.04.2018 Author: Jay

Starbucks for iOS is a rather pointless app. Browse the menu of the world's most popular coffee shop, look at all the tantalizing brews, and pay for them in-store, right off the gift card on your phone. If your caffeine addiction is this bad, you just may need some help.

Starbucks app begs the question: is there rehab for caffeine addiction? Well, if there isn't, maybe there should be, because if you're so far gone that you want to browse a menu of coffee brews, then you should probably enroll in a 12 step program. This app presents in portrait mode to deliver nothing much of anything. Everyone knows what's on Starbucks' menu, and trust me, you're not on any diet of merit just because you're counting the calories in your favorite brew. (Rule #1 of serious dieting: never drink calories.) Purchases cannot be made from within the app, per say. However, you can buy a gift card, sent it to friends, or just keep it for yourself and check the balance from within the app. You can also pay with said gift card by having the barista scan the barcode straight off your phone. Top up your gift card via paypal or credit card.

The app itself is actually quite stylish and functions rather well for the most part. I did encounter the occasional lag and hang, here and there, but nothing serious. The pictures look good and there's even a messaging system, so you can get those all important communiques from the fine people of Starbucks.

Starbucks is a decent app that caffeine addicts and Starbucks fans will surely love.