Space Qube

A twist on the arade classic, Galaga



Date: 09.04.2018 Author: Jay

Space Qube for iOS is a fun, retro sorta game, that offers a new twist on the old classic Galaga. Blast the crap outta everything that moves, in this game of outer space mayhem. This one is sure to entertain gamers of all ages.

Space Qube presents in landscape mode to deliver a pixelated space environment. Just select your spaceship, then embark on a flight of pixel warfare run amok. Similar to Galaga, your ship appears at the bottom of the screen, while an array of enemy craft come at you from the top of the screen. However, rather than Galaga's traditional, one-dimensional aerial point of view, this one presents from just behind your craft, looking at the enemy as they fly at you, in full 3D perspective. The result is much more dynamic than Galaga, but the presentation is a bit of a hot mess too. There are so many pixels bursting onscreen, that it's impossible to tell one thing apart form the other, making everything look like a muddled mess; sorta like a Michael Bay movie, minus 200 million dollars.

The controls employ simple mechanics, with automatic firing, tilt steering, and swipes to dodge enemy fire with barrel rolls. All functioned well. The graphics are heavily pixelated, to the point of going overboard. The animation is quite good, but did stutter and hang often. The sounds are of the annoying MIDI variety and beckoned the use of that precious mute button.

Space Qube has a lot going for it in terms of sheer entertainment value. However, it still needs some work before it can be considered playable over the long haul.