Snowboard Party

Virtual snowboarding that goes for realism



Date: 28.04.2018 Author: Jay

Snowboard Party for iOS is a fully developed game of competition style snowboarding. Go all out in this downhill need for speed sorta game, with totally rad visuals and a kick ass score to match. This one is highly sophisticated and possesses a decent learning curve to fully enjoy all it has to offer.

Snowboard Party presents in landscape mode to deliver a fully evolved snowboarding environment. This one goes for realism and succeeds in delivering true-to-life mechanics. As the story goes, it's a beautiful day to go fast and speed down a mountainside, doing dangerously stupid stunts. There are several modes of play, like, freestyle, big air, half-pipe, and multi-player mode. The score features music by established bands that most snowboarders will probably know or have at least heard of. The play itself is very realistic, with loads of cool jumps, tricks, and lots of attention to detail. I've never snowboarded before, but I really got a sense of what it might be like; minus the broken bones and visit to the emergency room.

The controls are highly sophisticated, featuring a d-pad on the left and an array of stunt buttons on the right. It takes some time to get the hang of it all, but the payoff is dynamic play with cool tricks. The graphics and animation are solid, delivering CGI sorta realism and convincing renders that only stuttered occasionally. The sounds are a little in-your-face with the music. However, if you turn that off, it's actually quite peaceful in its delivery of snowy realism.

Snowboard Party is sure to entertain the X-Games crowd to no end. This is extreme snowboarding for the virtual world. It held my interest as I lived vicariously through my super cool, virtual avatar.