Snow Queen 2: Orm Rush

Mildly interesting runner with shoddy presentation



Date: 29.04.2018 Author: Jay

Snow Queen 2: Orm Rush for iOS is your basic runner game with some mildly interesting graphics, but a wholly shoddy presentation, all the way around. Dodge obstacles and run as far as you can, or drop your phone and run away from this app; either way, it's up to you.

Snow Queen 2: Orm Rush has some decent intrigue to it, but the game as a whole comes off like an unfinished beta that was rushed to market. The app presents in portrait mode to deliver a tried and true runner game. As per usual, there are 3 lanes of travel, and all you gotta do is dodge, leap or slide under obstacles. The play is very familiar and predictable, but does have some interesting elements. This one is best suited for kids.

The controls use screen swipes to change lanes, jump, and slide under obstacles, and the functionality was shoddy at best. Most of my commands were not recognized the fist time and required repeat swipes and slides to get them to register. By then, it was go splat time, head first into a tree or something. The graphics actually have some nice elements that are pleasing to the eye, however, the animation is highly crude and choppy. The sounds are bland and sorta get annoying the more you play.

Snow Queen 2: Orm Rush needs a lot more work before it's ready for a mass audience. This one feels like it's just trying to capitalize on the Frozen movie, and just doesn't have enough substance of its own.