Sneaky Sneaky

Steal gems and valuables without being detected by security



Date: 12.04.2018 Author: Jay

Sneaky Sneaky for iOS is a classic game of cops vs. robbers, except this one takes place in a medieval sorta time and place, with dungeons, flaming torches, and stone corridors. Get the gems without being detected and escape with your life.

Sneaky Sneaky presents in landscape mode to deliver a medieval sorta gaming environment, that takes place in flame lit, stone cold rooms with dank corridors and all sorts of mythic intrigue. Your mission, is to sneak around and search for precious gems, just waiting to be found in hay stacks or barrels that you gotta sift through and bust open. But be careful, because there's guards on patrol and they mean business. Good thing is, they're also pretty stupid, so it's fairly easy to evade them. Movement is turn-by-turn style, first you, then whatever guards are in the room. Each character can only move a set number of spaces, so strategy comes into play. Just plan your path of travel and try to go undetected, get the gems, then escape to the next room. However, if you're detected, the guards will come after you and engage you in hand to hand combat, to the death. The play is layered and interesting, but also slow-moving and plodding.

The controls employ screen taps to plan your movement, grab gems, and engage in battles; all functioned well. The graphics are interesting to look at, offering a playful sorta depiction of medieval times. The animation is decent but choppy at times, with slow, plodding renders. The sounds were decent but didn't add much, one way or another.

Sneaky Sneaky is intriguing and entertaining. However, I'm not sure how well it will hold up over the long haul.