Slot Raiders - The Great Treasure Quest

Mine for precious gems via slot machine mechanics



Date: 04.04.2018 Author: Jay

Slot Raiders for iOS is a strange and dull little game. Mine for precious gemstones via a magical slot machine that excavates the land and presents you with glistening gems to combine and trade. The play is mildly interesting, but more boring than intriguing.

Slot Raiders presents in portrait mode to deliver a slot machine from the old pioneer days. I'm not sure when slot machines were invented, but this has to be one of the earliest models. This one excavates the land with slot machine mechanics, then presents you with findings on a 3 wheeled slot machine. There's twigs, stones, and all sorts of useless debris. So in other words, the payouts are as greedy as any legit Vegas slots. The real prize you're looking for are geodes, which you touch and swipe to remove from the slot machine wheels and save on a collection bar. Collect multiple geodes to create larger and larger precious treasures, which can then be sold to smarmy looking pioneer characters. I'm really not sure what the point or purpose behind the play is, nor did the play captivate me enough to care. This game is just flat out stupid and boring, plain and simple.

The controls employ screen taps and swipes to make the monotony happen. The controls worked fine, there's just no game worth playing here. The graphics are decent, and effectively captured the pioneer era. The animation is ok, there's just nothing much here worth animating. The sounds were as dry as the rest of the game.

Slot Raiders effectively made me feel dusty, dirty, and bored beyond belief. If you're addicted to slots and all that sounds like a fun game, then this app just might be for you.