Fly planes, evade missiles, and play stunt pilot



Date: 10.04.2018 Author: Jay

SimplePlanes for iOS aspires to be an aviation fan's destination app for fun in flight. Fly cool planes with relatively detailed mechanics and physics that aim for realism, but mostly miss the mark. This one has a lot of unrealized potential.

SimplePlanes for iOS is perhaps a tad too simple for its own good. The app presents in landscape mode to deliver a highly detailed 3D environment that goes for realism, but comes off more like a crude beta with unfinished renders that still need more time in the incubator. The app is centered around building and flying planes. It's part model building, part flight simulator, and shows a lot of promise. The coolest part, by far, was sliding into the virtual cockpit, speeding down the runway, and lifting off to take flight. From there, the game presents an aerial course featuring colored rings you gotta fly through, all designed to teach you the skills required to handle this virtual aircraft in flight. There's also alternate games to be played that involve evading heat seeking missiles coming right at you; which is cool and effectively put my heart in my throat. On the ground, you can put together your own plane like a toy model and paint it any color you like. There's actually a lot to see and do here, so this should keep aeronautic fans entertained for a good while.

The controls are evolved, nuanced and effective, though they also possess a steep learning curve. The graphics and animation are detailed and elaborate, though perhaps far too crude to justify the purchase price in their current form. The sounds go for realism, and added some nice punctuation to the play.

SimplePlanes has a lot going for it but still needs some work and refinement. It's decent, but not great, and a little all over the place in its presentation.