SimCity BuildIt

Build your very own metropolis and make it thrive



Date: 24.04.2018 Author: Jay

SimCity BuildIt for iOS delivers the next installment in this iconic and original game franchise. Build up a thriving metropolis to your exacting standards and provide a great place to live for all your virtual inhabitants. This one takes SimCity back to its roots with exhaustive detail.

SimCity BuildIt presents in landscape mode to deliver a highly developed gaming environment. I first played SimCity back in the Windows 3.11 era, and it's as addictive as it's ever been. Though naturally, much has changed for the better. In this one, you are charged with building your metropolis from the ground up, starting with corporate headquarters, then branching out into your first residential suburb. If you're new to SimCity, fret not, because the game has an excellent learn-as-you-go sorta tutorial. Basically, you're placing structures, building up critical services, like running water, electricity, roadways and housing. The idea is basically along the lines of a virtual pet, but with a simulated city environment, where inhabitants live out their daily lives. You can also visit neighboring cities to buy resources from the mayor and get a peek at what a fully developed city can look like.

The controls employ screen taps to execute basic actions, and all functioned well. The graphics and animation are top notch and fully realized, with outstanding zoom function. The sounds add some nice punctuation to the play, effectively rounding out the illusion. My only quibble here, is that this game will cost you a good chunk of time and money long before your fledgling metropolis looks anything like neighboring cities. But the payoff can be hugely satisfying.

SimCity BuildIt is a quality gaming experience. Just be prepared for the time and money investment up front, or don't even bother starting.