Simple photo filters that you can save as your own presets



Date: 29.04.2018 Author: Jay

Shift for iOS aims to be an ultra personalized set of photo filters that you can save and share. The idea is interesting, but the offerings are rather weak and pointless. This one might be good for total novices.

Shift presents in portrait mode to deliver a very static interface without much to offer. The concept behind this one is far more interesting than the execution. The idea is that we all have our favorite photo effects and enhancements, and we tend to use the same tweaks, over and over again, because that's what's pleasing to our eye. So this app presents some very basic filtering and image enhancements, all of which can be tweaked by hand by sliding 3 circular control points. Just touch any of the 3 circles and slide them to instantly see how that minor tweak changes the overall look of your picture. Once you find a sequence you like, just hit the save button to keep the preset, save your tweaked pic to your camera roll, and share it with friends in the usual ways.

The app's interface is very pared down and clean, so there's not much to get confused about. There are sliders for intensity and saturation, with back, undo and random buttons. The live renders instantly show the changes take effect on your selected image. All functioned well, it just doesn't do much to get excited about. Saved presets and create a horizontal menu of your favorites.

Shift shows a lot of promise, but needs to be elaborated. I like the concept but just find the execution a tad thin.