Send Anywhere

Send and share large files with relative ease



Date: 14.04.2018 Author: Jay

Send Anywhere (File Transfer) for iOS is a straightforward, bare bones, file transfer service that enables you to share and send large files to virtually anyone. The functionality is decent, but needlessly bogged down with an additional app install required on your personal computer.

Send Anywhere (File Transfer) is a fairly old school presentation of a rather simple service. This app allows you to send large files over the internet and bypass most email service provider's size limitations. Most email services will allow file attachments of up to 25gb, however, these days, that's often not enough. To solve that issue, this app acts as a middleman between you and your recipient. Just install this app, then select the files off your gizmo you'd like to share, and upload them to the developer's server. From there, an email link and activation code will be sent to your recipient; either a friend, co-worker, or even yourself; and all they gotta do is click the link and download the files you're sharing.

The functionality is simple enough, however, the app wants you to download a companion app that links a personal computer to your mobile gizmo. The add-on functions well enough but is arguably useless. I'd much rather just visit a website on my computer and transfer files that way, as opposed to installing another background service that's going to hog system resources for no good reason.

The app itself is very bare bones and old school in look. It also functions slowly, and I experienced several hangs and buffering issues that just make it not very worthwhile.

Send Anywhere (File Transfer) is a decent app, but Wetransfer does the same thing better.