Scary Escape

Twisted and haunted escape the room sorta game



Date: 16.04.2018 Author: Jay

Scary Escape for iOS aims to be a bit dark and twisted in its presentation of an escape the room sorta hidden object game. The play is straightforward and the graphics are a bit demented. In short, this one is fun.

Scary Escape has a lot going for it in the style and intrigue department. The app presents in landscape mode to deliver a tried and true escape the room game, featuring a demented and evil looking clown that's sure to turn you off clowns for life. As the story goes, you're in a mansion of horrors. All you gotta do is find hidden objects and hold them in your inventory until they can be used later to trigger one action or another, then solve the riddle and escape to the next round. The play is fairly tried and true, with little originality or inspiration, outside the creepy clown. However, fans of the genre are sure to appreciate the attention to detail and intriguing play.

The controls employ screen taps, and the occasional slide, to find objects and trigger actions, and all functioned well. The graphics are highly detailed in their presentation of this creepy locale and inhabitants. The animation is minimal, using mostly motion tracking on still images to render what little movement exists here. The sounds were effectively creepy and added some fun to the play.

Scary Escape isn't breaking any new ground, but it's solidly playable, and will entertain hidden escape sorta fans for a good while.