Sally's Spa

Operate a day spa and tend to customers



Date: 25.04.2018 Author: Jay

Sally's Spa Lite for iOS takes all the calm, relaxing and peaceful beauty associated with a day spa, and chucks it out the window to present this tired retread game with heavy-handed ads and mediocre play. Tend to customers at a day spa, that is, if you can sift through the overbearing ads to find a game worth playing.

Sally's Spa Lite, to be clear, sucks. I've seen games with a spa theme like this before, and done far better. Yes, this is a Lite version, which means there's also a paid version, presumably with no ads? But let's also get another thing clear: yes, even the full version of the paid app is one of those "pay for play" games where you gotta buy power-ups to advance the game and improve your chances of doing well. So if that's the case, why have a Lite version at all? The ads are way too overzealous for a mediocre game like this.

As the story goes, you are the owner of a busy day spa, and your objective, is to show your customers a more relaxing time than this app will show you. Apply face masks, send customers to the sauna, massage table, and be sure to hurry up and snap to it, because these customers will show anything but Zen-like patience if you leave them waiting very long. As more customers come in, you gotta juggle them all and try to keep them happy. Maybe you'll even be dumb enough to buy more equipment to keep the magic rolling; your call. The transition menus and load screens are tediously slow and appear far too often.

The controls are just screen taps and worked fine. The graphics and animation have some decent details, but look very dated and have choppy renders. The sounds were soothing and a perfect complement for the game's theme.

Sally's Spa Lite just doesn't have enough going for it to merit buying the full version, nor paying for any of the in-app purchases. But I did feel a wave of peace and tranquility wash over me when I uninstalled it. Namaste.