Rugged Rovers

Build and launch a lunar lander and drive the farthest



Date: 12.04.2018 Author: Jay

Rugged Rovers for iOS has a lot going for it in the originality and fun departments. Build a lunar lander, launch it onto an alien planet,and see if it can drive further and faster than everyone else. This one is hugely addictive.

Rugged Rovers presents in landscape mode to deliver an intriguing premise. Your mission, is to draw a lunar lander of any shape and configuration you like, then launch it onto an alien world where it competes, head-to-head, against other players' landers. See whose can drive the farthest and perhaps be the best of the day. The app starts you off with a plan grid, and a bare engine smack dab in the center. All you gotta do, is draw a shape around the motor, representing the body of your lander. Then you can place up to eight wheels anywhere you like on your lander. Be creative with the shapes you draw; triangles, rectangles, spheres, teddy bears, whatever you want. But you gotta draw it in one line, without lifting your finger until you enclose the motor entirely within the shape you draw. After placing your wheels, just hit the launch button and watch the fun begin.

It's really cool to see your creation make its way on the alien planet. Some people come up with some really goofy designs. Physics and logic come heavily into play and keep things interesting. The controls employ screen taps and slides, and functioned nicely. The graphics and animation are sophisticated, but possess a rudimentary feel that suits the play. The sounds added some nice punctuation.

Rugged Rovers made my phone run hot and killed the battery, but that's to be expected, given the sophisticated physics at play here. This one is hugely addictive and fun.