Royal Revolt 2

Good old-fashioned medieval combat with playful visuals



Date: 09.04.2018 Author: Jay

Royal Revolt 2 for iOS looks like a team of infant royal nights running amok onscreen. Attack neighboring castles to rule the lands and return victorious. This one is irreverent, fun, and highly energized.

Royal Revolt 2 presents in landscape mode from an aerial point of view, looking down on the action below. Right off the top, I can say I loved the presentation. However, the camera angles often cut off vital parts of the action we are meant to enjoy. I appreciate that the visuals go in tight enough to enjoy all the details. However, the camera either needs to take one step back from the action, or take better aim on its trajectory so that all the juicy goodness remains front and center, where it can be seen, and not cut off by the edges of the screen. As the story goes, you are the knight in charge of attacking a neighboring kingdom. Your mission, is to develop your kingdom by placing structures, evolving, upgrading, and recruiting soldiers. The battle side of things is all out war, right from the word go. Just summon your warriors and charge the enemy with blades drawn. Yes, there's a lot of violence onscreen, however, it remains benign, blood free, and kid-friendly.

The controls worked well, employing screen taps to set your knight off and running. Just touch the screen and off he goes, followed by all his trusty warriors. The graphics are very comic book, and all the characters look like little children; very playful and funny. The animation is quite good, only lagging occasionally and rendering some nice vibrancy and captivating action. The sounds are lighthearted and enjoyable.

Royal Revolt 2 has a lot going for it. I really loved the overall presentation, but wish the zoom wasn't quite so tight. However, this one is quite entertaining.