Restaurant Story

Play restaurateur, prep food and serve customers



Date: 11.04.2018 Author: Jay

Restaurant Story: Christmas for iOS is a fun and straightforward game with simple mechanics. Prep food, feed hungry customers and expand your business to be the next successful restaurateur. This one is a tad repetitive, but suitable for gamers of all ages and skill levels.

Restaurant Story: Christmas doesn't have much new going on in the kitchen, presenting fairly static and predictable play that you've probably seen before. As the story goes, you are the new kid on the block, and your restaurant is looking to make its way in this community. Prep food in your kitchen, seat and serve customers. But don't take too long, lest they lose patience and leave in a huff. The play is decent, but perhaps a tad monotonous in its simple action repetition. Just peruse your menu, choose entrees to prep, stir pots, chop veggies, and get your brew going. Once ready, serve food to your waiting customers and make them happy enough to leave a big tip and return with their friends. It's all fun enough, but I just can't see myself playing this over the long haul. The game lacks variety and dynamics.

The controls employ screen taps to make the magic happen, and functioned well. The graphics are simple, cartoonish sorta stuff, but looked cute, and had some nice elements to them. The animation is a tad laggy and choppy, but good overall. The sounds rounded out the play nicely.

Restaurant Story: Christmas is good fun for gamers of all ages. I just question the longevity of play.