Puzzle Forge 2

Forge and craft swords with interesting puzzle play



Date: 03.04.2018 Author: Jay

Puzzle Forge 2 for iOS is a unique puzzle game that has you forging swords of different metals. Place and combine rocks to make different raw materials and construct swords to order for waiting heroes. This one is original and fun.

Puzzle Forge 2 presents in portrait mode to deliver an empty grid, front and center. Above that is your mentor, who is teaching you, his young apprentice, how to forge rock into metal and metal into swords. To the left, is a canon that shoots the different raw materials onto the grid. Just tap your finger on the grid where you want the rocks to go, and - BLAM - the canon fires off a shot. As customers come into your shop, they place orders for specific swords they'd like. Your mission, is to arrange various raw materials into specific shapes, according to text and visual clues given to you by your customers and mentor. Combine rocks and precious metals in the right order, and you'll have crafted a sword for your happy customer, who pays you handsomely. The play is wholly original and unique, with interesting mechanics.

The controls employ screen taps to make the magic happen, and they functioned well. The graphics are simple, yet effectively entertaining. The animation is minimal, but also enjoyable and pleasing to the eye. The sounds added just the right touch to round out the play.

Puzzle Forge 2 deserves praise for originality. It's fun and will entertain fantasy combat and puzzle fans alike.