Pop to Save

Shoot balls and pop bubbles to save the day



Date: 16.04.2018 Author: Jay

Pop to Save for iOS is a fun puzzler of a game that takes strategy and skill to master. Shoot plasma looking balls to free little critters stuck inside bubbles, in this pop and release sorta thinker's game. The play is fun and entertaining.

Pop to Save presents in landscape mode to deliver an unusual puzzle game of sorts. Your mission, is to shoot plasma balls out of a canon and pop bubbles so that you can free the smiley little critters stuck inside them. The play involves strategy and nominal skill, and there's lots of levels to work through, with interesting obstacles and dynamics of play. As the levels progress, you're not just shooting balls, but also drawing lines onscreen in an effort to funnel and guide all your bouncy balls. The play is a bit run amok at times, with stuff bouncing everywhere onscreen, but that's also the fun part of it all. I'v seen many games like this out there, but this one is done well and entertaining.

The controls are simple and effective. Just slide your finger anywhere onscreen to draw lines, then press and hold to shoot all them dang balls. The graphics have a lot of glow and saturation that's pleasing to the eye and inspires intrigue. The animation is actually quite good, with smooth renders and great physics that encourage repeat play. The sounds are playful and lighthearted, adding some nice punctuation overall.

Pop to Save is good fun for gamers of all ages and skill levels. I just question how entertaining it will remain over time.