Platypus Evolution

Combine and evolve weird species to create even weirder ones



Date: 09.04.2018 Author: Jay

Platypus Evolution for iOS is a strange and odd little game. Combine weird creatures to create even weirder ones. This one seems to have no real point or purpose, but is good for a chuckle amongst immature friends.

Platypus Evolution presents in portrait mode to depict an animal enclosure of sorts, populated with some really weird creatures. Well, actually, the game just starts you off with the one weirdo. But soon enough, wooden crates are dropped into the pen, and your mission, is to mate similar weird beasts with each other to create even weirder beasts. What, you may ask, does one do with these weird beasts? Well, not much. Like any pet, they just sit around all day, pooping virtual poop all over their enclosure. As more and more crates arrive, you bust them open to discover what weird beasts they contain, then you mate them, and watch weirder creatures poop all over your pen. And that, my friends, is the extent of this mindlessly stupid game. The virtual pooping is funny, but quickly loses it's luster, leaving you wondering why you even downloaded this crappy game that literally craps all over your screen, in stunning Retina glory.

The controls employ screen taps and slides and functioned well; just try not to stick your finger in the virtual poop. The graphics and animation are literally shitty in their depiction of s@#t. The sounds are of the liquid bowel movement variety; and as I type this, I begin to realize who the true demographic here is: juvenile, fart joke fans.

Platypus Evolution is a pointless game that will surely entertain fart joke fans to no end.