Platform Panic

Retro arcade classic with robots, platforms and addictive mechanics



Date: 19.04.2018 Author: Jay

Platform Panic for iOS looks a lot like a game I'd be happy to pump quarters into at the arcade. Navigate a pixel robot through a series of mazes featuring moving platforms and dangerous obstacles to get as deep into the game as possible. This one is heavy on the replay value and highly challenging.

Platform Panic presents in portrait mode to deliver a neon glowing sorta gaming environment with loads of saturation and vibrancy. As the story goes, you're a little pixel robot sneaking around a futuristic factory of sorts, populated with security cameras and patrolling security robots out to get you. Your mission, is to guide that little robot through a series of vertical and side-scrolling mazes while avoiding jaggies, falling spikes, and perilous drops. Just keep leaping and bounding to evade the security cams and robots, lest they come after you with their pixel weaponry and projectiles. This is a 'one and done' sorta game, so once you mess up, its game over. Subsequent replays present the various mazes in random order, making trial and error play a bit trickier.

The controls are of the one finger variety, using left and right swipes for lateral movement of your robot, and upward swipes to jump. All worked as it should. The graphics are dripping with saturation and futuristic goodness. The animation is laggy, but true to its retro roots. The sounds are decent, offering minimal punctuation to the play.

Platform Panic is a simple but addictive replay game, with some decent intrigue that classic gamers are sure to love.