Piano Tiles ™

Play snappy tunes on a virtual piano of sorts



Date: 02.04.2018 Author: Jay

Piano Tiles for iOS is a decent game of hit the black tiles and play a familiar little ditty from the public domain. The play is decent fun for a little while but gets boring, right quick. However, little kids just might be captivated by this one because it's easy to follow, and they might be mesmerized by the familiar songs they can play with their cute little fingers.

Piano Tiles presents in portrait mode to reveal a screen populated with black and white rectangular tiles. Your mission, is to poke all the black tiles while avoiding all the white ones. To review: black tiles good; white tiles bad. To make the magic happen, you wanna poke the black tiles at the bottom of the screen, which makes that row of tiles disappear, and all the others onscreen move one row down. Just keep poking black tiles and making rows disappear like that. However, as you poke, you'll notice each black tile makes a single piano key sound, and the more you poke, the more you'll notice a familiar tune forming. Your objective, is to poke those black tiles to keep time and tempo with the selected song, and try to make it resemble nice music.

The controls functioned nicely, for what little thy do. The graphics and animation are as basic as it gets. The sounds are as good as you make them, so that part is all on you. The interface features some color alternatives, along with a list of public domain songs to choose from and play.

Piano Tiles is a great learning tool for kids that shouldn't drive parents nuts, no matter how long they play.