Parcheesi Classic Online

No frills Parcheesi against online opponents



Date: 09.04.2018 Author: Jay

Parcheesi PlaySpace for iOS offers a tried and true presentation of this classic game, against online players and Facebook friends. The play is straight up and authentic to the board game. However, it's lacking in virtually any modern accouterments. Parcheesi purists will love this one.

Parcheesi PlaySpace presents in landscape mode to deliver a very static gaming environment of tried and true Parcheesi in app form. Log in with your Facebook account to challenge friends and random opponents in online play. You can create multiple games after reaching level 4. The play is solid and true to is origins, however, the online functionality is occasionally laggy. You can chat live with your opponents and buy point multipliers and game credits in the store. It's all very competent, just not all that exciting. I think lots of board games struggle with staying true to their roots and modernizing the play for this digital format; look to Monopoly for a clue on how to strike that balance best.

The controls use screen taps to make selections and roll your dice, and functioned well. The graphics are very static, delivering what amounts to a game board on screen, with automatic game piece movement. The animation is ultra barebones and does almost nothing. The sounds are pleasing, but highly repetitive.

Parcheesi PlaySpace offers a solid presentation to this classic game, however, is lacking in virtually everything that could make it modern and dynamic.