Paradise Island 2: Resort Sim

A virtual Club Med sorta game



Date: 18.04.2018 Author: Jay

Paradise Island 2 for iOS offers straightforward sim play, set to an island paradise. Evolve and develop your idyllic dream isle and entertain vacationing guests. This one is decent fun but offers little by way of originality.

Paradise Island 2 presents in landscape mode to deliver your dream vacation destination, right in the palm of your hands. Which is a good thing, since most people couldn't afford a vacation like this one. As the story goes, your are charged with developing a vacation paradise, in preparation for visiting guests. Place structures, evolve amenities, pay for play, or employ patience and try to eke out some fun here for free. It's all very familiar, but functions well and looks good. This game will take some serious commitment to play for free, and paid upgrades will cost you almost as much as an airfare to an island paradise just like this one. So think carefully about if your want to save up for a real vacation of your own, or pay for the developers to go on one, on your dime.

The controls use screen taps to make the magic happen and all functioned well. The graphics have some nice details in their depiction of this cartoon paradise. The animation is decent, but slow and choppy for what little there is to render. However, the game possesses decent zoom controls that brought me in tight enough on the action to make me wish I was on vacation instead of playing make-believe. The sounds offered minimal punctuation and added little to the play.

Paradise Island 2 is a wholly competent game; it just brings absolutely nothing new to the table. It's very cookie cutter and thoroughly bored with itself.